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barn wood





RDW Grey Brown Back Planed

In Stock 
prefinished white barn wood_NOWATERMARK.jpg

Prefinished White Barn Wood

In Stock 
mixed softwood blend barn wood_NOWATERMARK.jpg

Mixed Softwood Blend

In Stock 
Gray Board_wintermix_thumb_NOWATERMARK.jpg

RDW Weather Grey Siding

In Stock 

RDW Weathered Brown 

In Stock 

Reclaimed Boxcar Planks

In Stock 

Visit Our Showroom

Swing by our Dallas showroom at 1444 Oak Lawn, Suite 410 Dallas, TX 75207 and speak with one of our wonderful sales reps.

Buy a Bundle of Wood

...or 2 or 3 or 4! We have bundles of barn siding available in inventory with many choices to choose from!

Take it Home Today!

Take our pre-packaged, processed and easy to handle bundles of barn siding home today for same day installation!

Project Photos



Country Escape

Your bedroom is your escape, let it reflect who are and what you love! Our reclaimed barn siding is the perfect way to add the country to a plan wall.


Visit or call your Dallas showroom to learn more!

Our Options
prefinished grey barn wood_NOWATERMARK.jpg

Prefinished Grey

prefinished distressed white barn wood_NOWATERMARK.jpg

Prefinished Distressed White

prefinished distressed red barn wood_NOWATERMARK.jpg

Prefinished Distressed Red


Mixed Hardwood Original Face

prefinished charcoal barn wood_NOWATERMARK.jpg

Prefinished Charcoal

prefinished distressed charcoal barn wood_NOWATERMARK.jpg

Prefinished Distressed Charcoal

prefinished red barn wood_WATERMARK.jpg

Prefinished Red

prefinished distressed gray barn wood_NOWATERMARK.jpg

Prefinished Distressed Grey

semi plank no watermark.jpg

Reclaimed Semi Planks


barn wood
barn wood

Dallas Showroom

1444 Oak Lawn, Suite 410
Dallas, TX 75207

Tel: (800) 243- 4030

Dallas Barn Wood is the place to go for your reclaimed barn wood and barn siding needs. We are the most-trusted and largest supplier of quality reclaimed barn siding in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. Come visit our showroom to see why our reclaimed barn wood is head and shoulders above the rest. 


We take great pride in processing our barn wood so that is free of bugs, mold, and moisture and ready for easy installation in your home or place of business. 


All reclaimed barn wood is not the same. Buying wood that is "straight off the barn" can lead to problems with bugs, mold, moisture, and lead-based paint, all of which we thoroughly process and inspect our barn siding for.  You will not get any harmful contaminants or by-products in your home or business from our barn siding.

Our barn wood is perfect for a professional or DIY project and has been used for wood accent walls, ceiling panels, rustic furniture, barn doors, and more! 

Interested in more than just barn wood? We have a large selection of other products including antique beams, reclaimed flooring and more!

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