Do you live in the Dallas / Fort Worth area? Are looking for barn wood right away? You've come to the right place! We sell the absolute BEST reclaimed barn wood and barn siding that Texas has to offer. Our barn wood is clean, dry, bundled and in-stock for you to pick-up, take home and install today!  Perfect for customers looking for material for wood accent walls, paneling, barn doors, and rustic furniture.  It's not hard to find quality barn wood anymore!  Swing by our shop to pick up your reclaimed barn siding today or read more below for additional details!



Visit Our Showroom

Swing by our Dallas showroom at 1444 Oak Lawn, Suite 410 Dallas, TX 75207 and speak with one of our wonderful sales reps.

Buy a Bundle of Wood

...or 2 or 3 or 4! We have several thousand square feet of barn siding available in inventory with many choices to choose from!

Take it Home Today!

Take our pre-packaged, processed and easy to handle bundles of barn siding home today for same day installation!



Patterson Lane

These kitchen cabinets were constructed entirely out of our weathered gray barn wood. The door to this kitchen was also clad with our barn wood, making the kitchen appear to be entirely built in.



perfect for


walls, bar





and more!

Our barn wood is

clean, dry, bug free

and ready to install!

Don't let bugs or mold

into your home

or business!

We also inspect 

all barn wood

products for




for easy 





material is

cut and 

milled for


and easy






David | Chareston

“Purchased some excellent barn wood that was notched and ready for install. Installed it as an accent wall in my rec room, it looks great!”


Dallas Showroom

1444 Oak Lawn, Suite 410
Dallas, TX 75207


Tel: (800) 243- 4030

Fax: (888) 878-8516


Dallas Barn Wood is the place to go for your reclaimed barn wood and barn siding needs. We are the most-trusted and largest supplier of quality reclaimed barn siding in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. Come visit our showroom to see why our reclaimed barn wood is head and shoulders above the rest. 


We take great pride in processing our barn wood so that is free of bugs, mold and moisture and ready for easy installation in your home or place of business. 


All reclaimed barn wood is not the same. Buying wood that is essentially "straight off the barn" can lead to problems with bugs, mold, moisture and lead-based paint, all of which we thoroughly process and inspect our barn siding for.  You will not get any harmful contaminants or by-products in your home or business from our barn siding.  Can other suppliers you are considering guarantee that?

Our barn wood is perfect for a professional or DIY project and has been used for wood accent walls, ceiling panels, rustic furniture, barn doors and more! 

We have several thousand square feet of inventory on hand with minimum purchases starting at only $11 sq ft! Reclaimed  antique barn wood and barn siding at its finest!  Come and see the difference at Reclaimed DesignWorks in Dallas and add a vintage, reclaimed element to your next project! 

Interested in more than just barn wood? We have a large selection of other products including antique beams, reclaimed flooring and more!

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