Four Things to Ask Before Buying Barn Wood

1. Have the nails and foreign objects been removed?

Reclaimed wood is salvaged from old barns and other structures that were constructed using nails or other fasteners. Additionally, this material may have had other foreign bodies introduced when building owners put up racks for tools and equipment, shelving or any other number of items. Making sure that all of the metal nails and other foreign object have been removed from this material is labor intensive and hard work! Make sure that you confirm this has happened BEFORE you purchase your barn wood. You don’t want to be cutting material on your equipment and hit a nail that damages your blade or worse!

Barn Wood Bundles

2. Has the material been tested for lead paint?

Many people love the look of the original faded paint on barn wood but often don’t realize that this paint is almost certain to be lead-based. Our recommendation is not to use material with original paint on it at all but if you do want material with original paint make sure that it has been tested for lead paint and that it is lead paint free. You don’t want to introduce this toxic substance unintentionally into your home or business. If you want to use material with some color our pre finished barn wood is definitely

a better option.

Prefinished White Barn Wood Wall

3. Was the material kiln dried?

Making sure you purchase reclaimed barn wood that has been kiln dried is important for two reasons. First, the high temperatures of a kiln will kill any insects and mold that may be present on the material and second, the material will be more stable so that it doesn’t shrink, warp or cup after

it has been installed.

Reclaimed DesignWorks showroom

4. How long have you been in business?

Reclaimed wood has gotten extremely popular in recent years and there are a lot of companies popping up that will sell you this material. Many of them don’t have the necessary experience to understand the challenges associated with sourcing, selling and installing reclaimed wood. In addition, they won’t be able to offer you professional guidance and advice based on what your project goals are. Make sure you are comfortable with their level of experience. If they haven’t been in business for at least 5 years they likely don’t know as much about this material as they should.

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