Nothing gives a room or area a unique feel all its own quite like reclaimed barn siding.  Whether you are looking to cover an entire wall or just add interest to a stairwell, nook or corner, installing a reclaimed barn wood wall will give a timeless and authentic feel to any room.

A weathered barn wood wall isn’t just for rustic spaces. The natural look of barn siding can add warmth and texture to a modern space and the contrast between materials can add balance and beauty.  

In general, our most popular options for barn wood accent walls are weathered boards that are paint free – these planks are typically gray or brown and their neutral color gives you more flexibility with the color palette of the room.

If you are looking for something with color or a more consistent look our prefinished barn wood options may be right for you. These are available in white, gray, charcoal, blue and even pink! Custom colors are available. 

Beware of Lead Paint!

Most of the structures that barn siding is reclaimed from use lead-based paint. We won’t sell barn wood with original paint on it and you should avoid purchasing barn wood siding that has original paint on it. Lead-based paint is toxic and is not something you will want to install in your home or business.

Other Things to Consider - Quality Matters!

All of our reclaimed barn wood is kiln dried to kill bugs and mold, planed and straight lined so that each board is an even width and thickness.

We offer shiplap or tongue and groove edges to make installation even easier.

Make sure to avoid purchasing barn wood that hasn’t been kiln dried as it will be prone to carry bugs and mold (air drying isn’t enough as it won’t kill insects).

Material that hasn’t been milled can be difficult to work with at home and may require that you purchase up to 50% more material than you need because of all of the unusable pieces you might have.


Homeowners with basic do-it-yourself skills should be able to install an accent wall without too much difficulty. Most walls can be installed with the following tools: black paint, chop saw or table saw, nail gun or drill and level. 

Measure  out the square footage needed which equals length x width (in get). We generally recommend adding 15% more square footage to account for cutting and waste.

Choose the barn wood you want from one of our many options - some are available and in stock, while others may need to be custom ordered. Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery on custom orders.

Paint the wall behind the barn wood black. There will be knot holes and irregular gaps between each plank and to help mask these gaps, painting the wall behind the planks black will cause them to recede visually. 

Start in the middle of the wall first. Once you have a row of wood in the middle of the wall that is level, it will be easier to move up to the ceiling and down to the floor.

You can fasten the planks to the wall using a nail gun with brad nails or using a drill with black drywall screws. If using screws, make sure to countersink them below the surface of the barn wood. We like using black drywall screws a they disappear in the wood and also grab the wall behind the wood very effectively.

Double check during the installation that you are varying the length of planks used in each row so that you get a varied and staggered look. You don't want the seams where the boards join to be in the same spot in each row.

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